Ceiba-USA’s Women’s Empowerment project engages with the Mayan indigenous Womenof The ASA Maya organization.

The ASA Maya is an organization of women from the Mayan Nation that Ceiba-USA works in partnership to buy their weavings to sale in Grandmother’s House of Herbs and Cures Store. The proceeds of each sale helps support the women of ASA Maya.      

Economic Empowerment


Womens Initiative

Grandmothers House




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Creating Cooperative & uplifting Lives through Building Bridges


We pay the women up front and in full for their work, and they are guaranteed a fair wage for what they produce. This means women in our communities can earn an income to support themselves and their families, in a region where paid work is hard to find.

“As a widow, I have a lot of expenses I must meet and it´s very expensive to even feed my family. If I didn’t have the association giving me some work, I would have to sell my weavings cheaper to a middleman and I would get paid much less.”

“My children are young and it´s hard to make ends meet. I lost my father and husband in the war. Now it’s only me who supports my nine children.”

During this difficult time, we came together in our communities, and decided to use our skills as weavers to support ourselves and our families. Together we are forming this cooperative with Ceiba USA . This cooperative encoorages a sense of purpose & working together to create new designs, choose colors, and dye and weave our textiles. Little by little, we begin to grow stronger and look towards a better future.

  • Self Advocacy 100%
  • Supports Resilliancy 100%
  • Healthy expression 100%
  • Cultural awareness and empowerment 100%