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Ceiba USA is a grassroots 501c (3) non-profit organization. Ceiba USA’s mission is to meet basic human needs by providing access to resources, skills, andeducation. Helping individuals to improve their lives, and the lives of others, by advocating social and environmental responsibility, and building unity by cross-pollinating local and global communities

Our vision:

To ensure that every person has the necessary tools, quality health and welfare, education and safe environment to improve their lives and the lives of others. 


      Ceiba -USA 

Our vision:

To ensure that every person has the necessary tools, quality health and welfare, education and safe environment to improve their lives and the lives of others. 

        We opened our doors in 2012 to facilitate the necessary programs and tools to assist those with the building blocks, tools, workshops, events & information to inspire resiliance and well being and cultivate resources for trauma relief. Ceiba offers their center as a sacred place that one can:

  • access referal and resource information 
  • find support through our healing circles and donation based healthy living programs 
  • creativity & inspiration themed comunity talk/events 

    Ceiba acts to bridge to diverse modern and traditional healing practices and practitioners. We are deeply rooted with the power comunity. and arose from a group of Grassroots individuals, whose dedication and heart keep the programs and center active and engaged. The community has mirrored and embraced this endeavor and the center continues to thrive with volunteer support.   

     We have always offered Indigenous based Youth rites of passage and “palabra” healing circles for all genders and generations. Our Health and Wellness programs encourage proactive self care, empowerment skill building and restorative practices. We work with all cultures, and gererations.

      We strive to cultivate self esteem, self determination, and success. ​ We are currently offering health and wellness services to those experiencing trauma from cultural and familial wounding, military PTSD and becoming resourced to cope with everyday stress!! We are active in community building and colaborations. ​

      Some of our most successful donation based programs are :

  • Xinachtli -Rites of passage for young women

  • Learning & Development programs for youth
  • Palabra – Men and Womens meet up circles, lodges & ceremony 
  • Women’s retreat
  • Pranic Healing and meditation Mondays

  • Yoga – Restorative and Chakra opening yoga

  • Self Defense Seminars

  • Healing Day -Body & Energy work & Monthly special events

  • “Working withTrauma” Meetups, “Transforming your shadow” & herbal workshops , Guest Speakers

  • Building Bridges : Guatemala
  • Annual Fundraising event 

At our current location

​494 Sheridan Blvd. Suite #A  , Denver CO

Phone:(720) 231-4711

 We are Proud to say we have been the recipient of Funding from the Denver Foundation Navigation Grant for many of our Programs.

We also would like to acknowledge and present one of our sponsors Grandmothers House of Herbs and Cures which offers:

  • a complete store front of natural herbs and ceremonial Items
  • Curandismo, integrative bodywork and various healing modality sessions available to schedule
  • Space rental available for Ceiba comunity colabroative comunity events/meetups , Practitioners and referal affiliates
  • along with items sold that support our Building Bridges Women’s Empowerment COOP in Guatemala

Inspiring sustainability & resiliencey within the community.